SWST Student Chapters as A Means of Deepening Aspects Related to Wood Culture



报告嘉宾:Francesco Negro
嘉宾简介:意大利都灵大学 副教授


The International Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) envisages the activation of Student Chapters at partner institutions, with the purpose of broadening student perspectives in wood science and technology. SWST Student Chapters are active through the organization of various initiatives such as site visits, meetings with professionals, and practical experiences. This is crucial for students to develop connections with industry members and initiate networks that could be useful throughout their professional career.
The presentation intends to encourage the establishment of new chapters by giving an outline of their constitution, activities, and advantages. Over the years, chapters have proven to be beneficial to students, faculty advisors and involved institutions. With reference to the 2023 World Wood Day Symposium theme, Student Chapters can also represent a valuable environment for students to deepen aspects related to ‘wood in cultural heritage’. To show their possible role in this sense, the activities with a cultural focus carried out by running chapters over time, like book reviews and seminars, are presented.