Wood in Sport Equipment - Heritage, Present, Perspective——2022WWD研讨会



报告嘉宾:Francesco Negro
嘉宾简介:意大利都灵大学 农林食品科学系木材技术高级讲师


Sport has a vital role in human culture. Many sports boast century-long traditions and are practiced worldwide, contributing to well-being, self-identity formation, entertainment, etc. The socio-cultural meaning of sport fully emerges during the Olympic Games that promote some of the highest human values, among which equality, inclusion, and respect. Wood has traditionally been used to build sport equipment, including both tools and playing courts. Nowadays, the use wood is out-of-date in some sports, for instance in tennis, where it has been replaced by synthetic, high-performing materials.Nonetheless, in several sports wood remains the choice material for making equipment used from beginner to professional level. To mention some examples, wood is today used to make baseball bats, table tennis racquets, surf boards, gymnastic still rings, skis and snowboards, horse jumping obstacles, basketball courts, cycling tracks, etc. The wide range of applications is reflected by the use of several wooden species: for instance, sugar maple and ash for baseball bats, Siberian pine for velodromes; balsa and walnut for table tennis racquets. Similarly, several wood-based engineered products are used, such as solid wood for mountain bike obstacles, plywood for artistic gymnastic floors, Medium Density Fiberboard for table tennis tables, hardwood flooring for basketball, etc. The oral presentation intends to provide an overview of the above topic by illustrating the book Wood in Sport Equipment - Heritage, Present. Perspective. The book will be published as the final outcome of the same-named 72 project funded by the World Wood Day Foundation in 2021.

Note: at the time of the Symposium the book will be in advanced editing phase, since it will be made available online in April 2022.