Dec 14 2015

时间地点:2011年10月19日,印度班加罗尔J N Tata多功能礼堂
演讲题目:The inheriting and development of Hongmu culture in China

摘要:This paper introduced the Hongmu is the carrier of the Ming & Qing Furniture, viz. broad   noun of the woods for making these furniture, which bearing the weight of Chinese nation culture & element in Ming and Qing dynasty. The upsurge of the Hongmu products is rising now; it is the inheriting and development of Hongmu culture in China. The paper tries to explain the reason of most Chinese like Hongmu. Moreover, this paper deciphers the definition and taxonomy of Hongmu in up-to-date market, its source; for the sustainable utilization of Hongmu resources, Chinese government advocate cultivating precious species including Hongmu species. The paper also suggested that wood species for making Chinese classical furniture should be enlarged by applying other precious woods instead of Hongmu.

Ms. Jiang Xiaomei is a professor in the Institute of Wood Industry at the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Her research interests include wood anatomy, wood properties & utilization. She has published 5 books & over 100 papers on these topics. Professor Jiang with her group provides service by wood identification for several departments of China including timber trade companies, forensic, archaeological units. She is associated with teaching, training and formulation of Chinese standards for timber usage.



国际木文化学会(International Wood Culture Society)是由世界各地木材相关领域的热心人士为木文化的研究、学习和推广而组成的非营利组织。


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