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时间地点:2011年10月19日,印度班加罗尔J N Tata多功能礼堂
演讲嘉宾:Achmad Zainudin
演讲题目:Jepara: Mirror of Indonesian art wood

摘要:Jepara is wellknown as the carving town and furniture center of the world, it reflected from the amount of small scale furniture producer. based from CIFOR Research  more than  8 thousand small producer are at Jepara. And they live and depend on wooden.

The wooden industry has main role in the jepara economic growth and contribute 27 % of region income. Worker who work in the furniture industry around 150.000 people. Jepara industry consumes the log wood 950.000 m3/year.

There are  several  cluster located at Jepara, Relief (3D craving),sculpture and teak root furniture, wooden door and frame, indoor furniture, garden furniture, Recycled  wood furniture, handycraft.

The Indonesian furniture industry faces challenges as it struggles to secure its place in competitive global markets. Business relations between furniture producers and their buyers are usually unbalanced: buyers set their price and producers cannot negotiate a better deal.on the other side,the supply of wood unsufficient as well.

Mr. Achmad Zainudin, being involved in furniture industry for 12 years, lives at Jepara as the furniture center in the world. He has several experience both local and international company in furniture production, wood, construction and finishing for European standard quality. His background education is wood design and friendly with Teak, Mahogany, Damar, Mindi, Pine, and tropical wood such as mango, jackfruit, handling many qualified furniture suppliers and workers. Specially for the custom made order, client adaptable, measure on spot, manage the carpentry, assembly on location. He has a main role for establishing Small Scale Furniture Production Association and elected as secretary, joining with CIFOR for assisting the market survey, Gender survey, organization social relation, and accessing the direct market by exhibition.



国际木文化学会(International Wood Culture Society)是由世界各地木材相关领域的热心人士为木文化的研究、学习和推广而组成的非营利组织。


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