Nov 26 2015

报告嘉宾:苏金玲 国际木文化学会秘书长 

报告摘要:International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, dedicated to the research, education and promotion of wood culture. IWCS promotes the concept "Wood is Good" and proceeds three primary projects-Knowledge Project, the Experience Project, and the Life Project. These projects have been carried out worldwide and their reports are released as free and open access resources for the purposes of increasing the public awareness of the important relationship between wood, human and environment, and encouraging the public participation in sharing the knowledge of wood and experience of wood use in life.

IWCS is currently in a continuing effort to establish an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas concerning the foundation, application and practices of wood culture.

In order to develop wood culture as a subject of study and method of inquiry for the next stage, multidisciplinary discussions are invited to raise the current issues and new methodologies for shaping the academic landscape and to yield systematic and integral approaches for both research and everyday life. In so doing, IWCS aims to bring to light that studying wood culture across boundaries opens up new possibilities for a better understanding of wood, human and environment, together moving forward to a sustainable future.



国际木文化学会(International Wood Culture Society)是由世界各地木材相关领域的热心人士为木文化的研究、学习和推广而组成的非营利组织。


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